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Do you want to add your name to this list of students that have passed their test?

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Do you want to add your name to this list of students that have passed their test?

Feedback from students


"I only passed due to your amazing teaching!! Thanks for putting up with me!"
Becks T - passed 19th July 2010

"Driving with Tina made me feel very comfortable, and she was very encouraging, even after I made mistakes. She had every confidence in me which motivated me for the test. I'm going to miss our lessons now!!"
Emma E - passed 7th July 2010

Heather N - passed 16th June 2010

Tom B - passed 12th May 2010

Fiona D - passed 26th April 2010

"Thankyou very much for absolutely everything :-) I couldn't have done it without you!"
Aden W - passed 22nd April 2010

Maddie B - passed 19th April 2010

Tom A - passed 30th March 2010

Julia R - passed 22nd March 2010

"Tina is a patient, supportive teacher who makes every lesson fun."
Phil M - passed 16th March 2010

"Tina is the only person who actually made me want to drive and gave me the confidence to succeed. I genuinely miss our lessons now! Endlessly patient and supportive, I'd recommend Tina to anyone (and regularly do!)"
Sian D - passed 5th March 2010

Phil H - passed 17th Feb 2010

"After several tests with another instructor, I thought I'd never get there, but with Tina's help and humour my comfidence grew and nothing feels better than passing!"
Natalie I - passed 27th Jan 2010

"Tina is a great instructor. Very friendly and patient, with her I really enjoyed learning to drive."
Tom G - passed 19th Jan 2010

"Thank you so so much for helping me to get through my test, as a mum it means so much to be able to get around in my car!"
Nicola P - passed 5th Jan 2010

"I didn't think I could do it, Tina knew I could - thanks to her, the rest is history!"
Ali C - passed 8th Dec 2009

"A woman that can make you so at ease, a great teacher with the patience of a saint and a great sense of humour."
James L - passed 24th Nov 2009

"Thank you so much for being a brill teacher! :-) You were very calm and reassuring, an excellent instructor!"
Laurel G - passed 19th Nov 2009

Jamie W - passed 28th Oct 2009

Chris T - passed 14th Oct 2009

Josh J - passed 3rd Sept 2009

"Thank you! I am so greatful for every lesson, for everything in your teaching and for your friendly atmosphere. God bless you!"
Alyona A - passed 5th June 2009

Lally W - passed 4th June 2009

"Hats off to your way of teaching. I'm now living in Manchester, driving successfully even on the complex roads in the city!"
Mrs I - passed 28th May 2009

"Thank you very much for all your help with my driving and for preparing me for my test and pass plus. I have really enjoyed my lessons!"
Emily W - passed 20th May 2009

- Luke N - passed 20th Mar 2009

"A calm and very friendly approach to learning how to drive. Extremely understanding from the first lesson until the last!"
Lucas S - passed 11th Mar 2009

Jason D - passed 24th Feb 2009

Jen C - passed 21st Feb 2009

Sam C - passed 14th Jan 2009

Tracy W - passed 10th Dec 2008

Anna K - passed 9th Dec 2008

Kirsty W - passed 2nd Dec 2008

Chris A - passed 3rd Nov 2008

Jon K - passed 30th Oct 2008

"I was very happy with the service Tina provided, she made me feel calm about driving and understood my needs"
Chris J - passed 21st Oct 2008

Liam G - passed 21st Oct 2008

Gareth M - passed 18th Aug 2008

"After seven tests with my previous instructors I thought I'd never pass!"
Abbie T - passed 12th Aug 2008

Katie R - passed 11th Aug 2008

Hayley B - passed 30th Jul 2008

Jon S - passed 26th Jun 2008

Andrew H - passed 9th Jun 2008

Louise C - passed 5th Jun 2008

Laura W - passed 1st May 2008

Laura C - passed 30th Apr 2008

Marc A - passed 26th Jan 2008

Zoe C - passed 22nd Jan 2008

Claire Q - passed 21st Jan 2008